Wednesday, August 17, 2011

It looks like blizzard will be bringing back the old school raid sets in the next patch, not in the same way they've done before (ahem...naxx, cough cough) but by allowing you to "transmogify" the stats from a new set of armor onto any older piece. 

I enjoy running around Orgrimmar as the only paladin in T2 with my finkle's lava dredger.  It was fun while it lasted Blizzard, until everyone and their mother go out and farm BWL for sweet new lewts.  I would urge Blizzard to implement some sort of restriction that wouldn't allow everyone to be running around with little effort in some of the most amazing looking sets in the game but alas, i guess they want to legitimize old content instead of releasing the new stuff...yet again. 

In the mean time I guess I'll have to settle for my sparkle kitty, until they put it on their blizzard store for $3.50.  At least it's cheaper than a fully geared max lvl necromancer for 49.95... ;)

This is me being happy, please don't ruin it for the people that still play.

If you're interested in some actual news minus the ranting, MMOchampion just put up some info about patch 4.3 other than this new transmofail thing thats going to ruin my fun and laughing at my raid group as we pull nef and i'm still in T2 and supposed to be tanking ret,  Ah, good times. Otherwise i have cliffs of the 4.3 changes so far with excellent commentary below.

-New Raid, Final Raid, Deathwing gon get loved tenderly.

-3 New 5 mans, whats that ICC Faceroll with 372 gear?

-Void Storage, Old armor storage...i guess i'll give them props for doing that one after 5 years. my buddy Orrak will be happy, or angry because of tier sets he's deleted

-cross realm raid finder: I didn't see a blue post other than "we have plans" on this one, but mmochamp has it from a German interview and I like the people over at MMOchampion so I'll give them the benefit of the doubt. This also looks like an excellent trolling opportunity so they can have it if only for that.

 -New Darkmoon faire island, i wonder if this means a new deck? It should definitely bring forth some money making opportunities. 

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