Monday, November 12, 2012

Mists of Pandaria

Well, i finally gave in and ended up buying Mists of Pandaria. MoP is interesting to say the least. More of the same sure, and while the basic play style remains the same I will give it to blizzard, they've found a formula that truly works.

I've been playing a monk on the side and while mine is only level 50(i haven't had nearly as much time to put into this game, littlelone write blog posts as i would like) it's a ton of fun to play. At first i really thought the monk class' roll ability was nothing but a gimmick and a way to let you move faster through the environment while leveling, but i was wrong. It's an amazing ability for avoiding damage especially as a tank in random LFD groups where the healer can be half asleep and not healing and you have to pull out all the stops and allow your monk to survive all by itself. Plus playing as a panda has some huge advantages for leveling. I don't know that it's quite as good as getting 50 free levels by rolling a deathknight but the 100% longer lasting rested experience and extra food buffs along with taking less fall damage make for some very nice racials. Oh and if you're playing as a monk, you get a daily quest that gives you an extra 50% exp on top of your 100% longer lasting rested exp. Every 10 levels you get a bonus quest as well that changes the "monk pandaria master" that you have to beat for your exp bonus.

The new dungeons in Mists of Pandaria are quite nice as well. They're quick, not confusing, and simple. I haven't had a chance to engage in the challenge modes or scenarios yet but i'm sure they're just as much fun as the normal dungeons.

From my few short hours of playing MoP so far, I would say it's an excellent addition to blizzards MMO and I just had to pick it up since I have another 6 months left on my yearly subscription. If it weren't for that I might not have picked it up, but I'm glad I did.