Tuesday, August 16, 2011

It's Fanboy time

I was going to avoid going full retard love affair for any games but BF3 right about now. One thing to say mind=blown. Their new video of the map Caspian Border is godly amazing, the new frostbite 2 engine is looking like it will live up to it's name, and I was a BF2 nerd forever that despised BF2142 and played BF1943 for all of 5 minutes.  I'm pulling for you DICE, this is the game I've been waiting for and I really hope it doesn't go the way of most productions by EA with it's pre-order shenanigans offering maps that easily could be released with the full game to anyone whether they pre-order or not.

And this new Origin deal, I don't really mind them releasing their own distribution software that's earily similar to Valve's Steam, but really?  The same overlay ingame, friend chat system, not allowing your games to be distributed on Steam because of a "TOS Disagreement" with valve's Steam is BS, just say you want to pull an extra 5 dollars per sale because you know you can.  I enjoy having all my games in one centralized location and Valve beat EA to the punch by a longshot.  Unfortunately with EAs backing and pull in the industry, we'll probably end up seeing more than EA exclusive games up for sale on Origin in the near future. 

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