Thursday, February 24, 2011

omg a phoenix mount

I just want to thank blizzard for implementing a mount that we as a guild have achieved but are unable to attain because none of us are exalted with the guild yet. Thank you blizzard.  Anyway, 12/12 in current content normal modes just in time for the ptr to be announced.  I'm sure attendance will decrease until the next patch is released on live, but for the time being we will step into heroic modes and attempt to clear a few.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Drakes galore

A few bored folks enjoying all their sweet drakes from wrath, figured since i didn't have anything exciting to add I'd throw up a this pic i took today.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Gold is in the Cards

It appears darkmoon cards are going to keep their price points up for another darkmoon faire or two.  I still see cards above 1k gold consistently and decks, not trinkets are being sold readily at 10k plus.  I had originally decided to get out of the game and pursue greener pastures in the gem market, and while the gem market is standing strong there's no reason not to be in the darkmoon market with herb and volatile prices so cheap on most servers. 

There's a niche secondary market for these cards/trinkets as well.  every time you turn them in you get rep towards the darkmoon fair which is required for the achievement Insane in the Membrane it's quite intense and requires a lot of reps all around, and has even been nerfed since wrath but is still quite the feat and allows you to dawn the title "The Insane" which is befitting of most people that spend 50-100k gold on a single rep from an achievement that requires many. 

Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Glorious Day

So today i spent, or wasted if you will, 200,000 gold.  On what you ask?  only the greatest horde mount in the game.  The Swift Spectral Tiger.  I told myself at first i was gonna work towards a million gold and hoard it all to myself, but this mount is just so damn cool.  Oh well, back to the drawing board.  maybe I'll try and acquire other rare and or bad ass stuff of the course of this expansion. Notice my Tauren friend on his Zulian tiger that i was unable to grab during wrath despite my best attempts.  I think i may have to race change as well.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Get outside

So I didn't really have a post/update for today but i was writing for my other blog and I thought it was such a great Idea to share it with my more sedentary friends(no offense, okay maybe a little offense) that i'd cross post it here as well. But so this does have at least some relevancy, Shaman are getting their passive healing bonus increased from 10% to 25% which will give them a 15% increase to healing across the board.  I know quite a few shaman who will be able to stop cutting themselves after raids because their HPS is will be slightly less terrible now. 

Also, druids and shaman will hopefully be getting a new CD blizzard has finally realized yet again, the error of their ways and figured out natures swiftness is a terrible cooldown, especially for a talent. So without further adoo, get your ass outside:

"I went for a run this morning.  6 Miles. It was brutal, mostly because I'm not a runner, I'll hike in the state park a few times a month and do 6-8 miles because it's so damn pretty up there, but running around the neighborhood is more of a pain than a joy.  Despite the hindrance it was to roll out of bed an hour and a half earlier, I went out and did it and i feel great now.  Do yourself a favor and go out and get your blood flowing.  play basketball or tennis with a friend, go for a bike ride, anything to get yourself up and away from the computer.  I know I spend too much time on it.  Which reminds me, raid in an hour and i need flasks.

Oh and so you know I'm not some super athlete, I'm 5'9" 195lbs of pure sex(fat), so no excuses, skinny or fat, go get some exercise.  Start with a walk if you can't jog/run yet.  It's one of those things you'll never regret even if you hate it at the time."

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


It would appear the whiptail bug has been fixed so any whiptail you bought at half the prices it was going for last week is going to be worth hopefully what it was prepatch.  I know folks that bought a lot of whiptail at 80-90g a stack and are going to be reselling it for 180 or so.  If you missed out, not a big deal.  Life might still be lagging behind in how quick it returns to pre patch prices so take a look at those prices on your server as well.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

gem xmutes

I buy a lot of elementium ore and herbs to make gems with.  Go look at the prices of raw gems, or cut gems if you're a JC and determine if it's worth it to buy 3 of the green quality gems and 3 herbs to make a blue quality gem of the same color.  you can make money on mys server just selling the raw red gems and all of hte other ones cut are decent profit so find yourself an alch and start transmuting blue quality gems if you're not getting enough from just prospecting the elementium.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Darkmoon faire

Do yourself a favor and go check the prices on both darkmoon decks and the cards that comprise them.  Cards are going for 1k to 1500g on my server and the decks are over 15k.  I buy any card i see under 1k and any card i need for up to 2k, and I'm still making money just spending 5-10 minutes a day browsing the AH for cards to make decks with.  Also if there's a cheap card that you don't need but someone else does, buy it and trade it to them for a card that you do need.

The fair ends this weekend though, so get cracking.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Herbs Galore

So there's a bug, or a working as intended, but lacking in the patch notes change with 4.0.6.  Herbs in both uldum and deepholm are instantly respawning whenever another is picked in that zone.  this is allowing those with herbalism to get tons of herbs very quickly.  I was at between 40-50 stacks an hour in uldum on a tauren druid being able to avoid killing mobs and only farm the delta area in uldum. 

Back in Black

Ret is back baby, I finally get to play my ret paladin again now that they can pull comparable numbers.  The best part is, I ended up getting the mace off magmaw last night which was the first time it's dropped for our guild. It's also BiS for ret atm with all that sexy sexy mastery on it. 

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


So when to Tauren druids get their flying cow form?  I love the new Troll Bat form, it's HOOGE, like xbox huge. I'm pretty sure Blizzards intention was for us to be able to ride troll druids around orgrimmar in their flying form it's just that epic.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Meta Day

Tomorrow is meta day.  The patch is coming and that means three new metas that are supposed to actually work and be viable best in slots for every dps class. If you're lucky enough to get one of these patterns in the first few hours/days of the patch you may want to sell it for a cool 50k or so if it's not super common.  If you're a JC and you've stockpiled metas for this day, i applaud you, and enjoy your 1k per metas while it lasts, provided you can get a pattern.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Fish food

Fishing in a game where you slay dragons and kill monsters seems like such a small insignificant thing that it shouldn't even be included in a game of such epic proportions like wow, yet one of the best food buffs for each class comes from fishing as well as the greatest title ever imagined by blizzard...Salty. I really would love to be salty sieger but alas, i can't manage to get a rare fish and since blizzard didn't add any rare fish to the list in cata the one that didn't get away really did. I'm forced to go back to Howling Fjord and farm these herrings and turn them into pickled herring, so if anyone is hungry and enjoys pickled fish...hit me up.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Mood Rings

It's funny really, how you can kill two progression bosses in one night and have someone rage quit because of that very raid.  It probably doesn't help that certain members may have berated the said rage quitter multiple times during the raid, but it's all in good fun as it always is.  Our guild is the one that swears curses and uses racial epithets more often then we should. We don't really have a GM or a raid leader at any set time and our most moody person isn't the 15 year old high school student, in fact we don't have any of those.  It's the 30 year old that gets angry when we tell him how to do his job.  We always forgive, never forget.  In fact, I'm fairly sure the next time someone runs off the elevator in BWD it will be referred to in my guild as pulling a sieger...I died to that elevator a grand total of 3 times tonight making it more deadly than omnitron and magmaw combined, almost as deadly as bastion trash and slightly less deadly than Halfus, V&T, and Twilight Council.

Also if any tanks on Grizzly Hills horde side are looking to have fun on Nefarion, we might need one next week. PST Sieger, Siegur, Barackhobama or Orrak  for more info and keep on having fun, after all whats wow without a little guild drama.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I like totems, totems are cool

I began leveling a dwarf shaman on Tichondrious a few days ago to play around with.  With no gold, no bags, no BoA gear, and no totems i set off into the great unknown.  It's refreshing to start anew on a server overrun with people.  The old rules of my run down low pop server didn't apply anymore.  Xp from both dungeons and questing is great, and the xp from gathering isn't a total let down.  At least we're not doing our gathering profs with no reward but the satisfaction of feeding your gathering profession or putting it on the AH to sell for pennies.

Rule number 1: everything sells.

I sold linen cloth at 4gold a stack, green boes from random mobs for 5-10gold apiece.  Multiple quests give you 8 slot bags now so you don't have to worry about the dread of running around with just your back pack any longer.  I'm sitting on about 50g with my normal mount and 2-shotting mobs is pretty fun for a shaman.  oh and my UI is prostar, don't deny it.