Thursday, August 16, 2012

Borderlands 2 and Guild Wars 2

As it would seem, two games that I'm anticipating hugely are almost upon us.  Guild Wars 2 launches in less than 2 weeks and Borderlands 2 is a little over a month out.  While the two games are quite different, hopefully they can help to breathe new life into their respective genres.  Borderlands 2 seems like more of the same at first glance,but with revamped and new classes as well as 4 player co-op it has something that other games seem to lack in this day and age.  Teamwork aspects.  That's right, you may think games like call of duty and battlefield 3 have teamwork aspects, and while they may have some semblance of it in league play, it's all but discouraged in random gaming as you push to get the highest KDR and personal score to top the charts for medals and ribbons.

Guild Wars 2 is bringing us a free to play mmo that, while it has aspects borrowed from older games that didn't fair so well (warhammer online) with its Realm vs Realm and character progression, it has new aspects like weapon swapping and more focused world events.  Overall the game plays smooth which is something that's almost never the case with a brand new game.  We'll see how things play out on release with hundreds of thousands if not millions of people logging on to the servers all at once, but I'm anticipating some exceptional fun.  Check out the Beta review Here.