Monday, April 25, 2011

oh look, 4.1 is here

Looks like the trolls over at blizzard have finally gone and figured out how their system works to patch over from the PTR to live servers.  They're gonna be putting 4.1 out tomorrow unless something goes horribly awry.  I think my account is still active for another week or so.  I guess i'll go check out ZG and ZA and then wave goodbye to what was formerly a great game.  I'm estimating 2 months until firelands has a release candidate on the PTR and July before it's released on live servers. 

-oh yeah, apologies for taking a few weeks off without telling anyone, not that my ramblings about the evil video game industrial complex is in the least bit interesting, we can all pretend it is.  I might start rambling about SWTOR if anyone wants to start hating a game that'll probably be great despite having little to no information out on it atm.  I'll have to come up with cool pictures though as i can't just take screen shots anymore...