Friday, August 19, 2011

Poor EA

 Using the Force to predict sales.

I know I've been ragging on EA for the past week, but they make it so easy.  In their most recent profit projection scheme as I'll call it, they're limiting the number of box and digital sales of the game after release as reported by Gamespot.

I'm sure the people who made this decision are laughing their way to the bank right about now as pre-orders are bound to soar in lou of this interesting news.  I mean they've got great sound reasoning behind this, saying that server capacity will limit the number of sales, but we all know that not every single person is online playing at the same times, and is buying a few extra servers to accomodate peak hours really going to break the bank for company like EA?  I think not, but still, they're saying they'll close online sales while increasing server capacity if they reached a "determined, but unreleased number" oh, really?  I'm betting that number is something like 10 million which they've predetermined is an impossible number for them to reach with the current fan/playerbase and will shutdown pre-orders sometime in October just to scare those(like me) that haven't pre-ordered yet into doing it thinking this will be the game of games to get because "oh well we have too many players for our servers before the game is released".

I also don't pre-order games without a release day yet, might want to get on that Bioware/EA, you're turning into Blizzard with this Soon™ BS that players absolutely despise. 

I will give them this though, their game looks polished and interesting.  Huttball looks like a lot of fun, flashpoints look terribly easy.

I'm hoping their raid system won't have a 90% completion rate on your first playthrough like their flashpoints, I'm used to wow where I'm wiping for hours on end in raid content.  Their preview of the eternity vault is looking interesting, but I'm hoping thats not the only raid they have at release or we'll have a blizzard dilemma where people clear the game and /afk for the next 3 months throwing money at the devs while they sip lates and wear socks with their sandals.  

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  1. Ehhh... I'm skeptical about anything EA releases. Even Bioware is slowly being corrupted by EA...