Sunday, August 21, 2011

DOTA2 Champion crowned

I really wish i could've been as awesome as these kids to be 200k richer at their age, I wonder if they try and tell the person with the worst K:D ratio that he can't have as much because he's not as 1337 as the rest of them.  Anyway, they beat out the Chinese team EHOME to bring home the grand prize of 1million dollars US. which in the Ukrane is like 8million in monopoly Hryvnia is what they call it, I just enjoy monopoly(i'm always the hat because we lost the car).  

The chinese didn't do half bad either bringing in 250k for second place. Maybe they'll buy some more of our debt by investing in the US despite our wonderful economic situation (yeah right).  even their last place players came home with a whopping 25 thousand.  5k per player isn't half bad for an hour or two of "work".  

I'm pretty sure this dude from the trailer is some sort of wizard. He also looks goofy as hell which is why I'm going to petition to have him as the only playable character in the entire game...although it will likely fail I will push on all the way to valve headquarters where they will proceed to tell me how they're releasing a new and exciting counter strike despite pleas for Half life episode 3.


  1. Wow, who would say gaming could be so profitable :o

  2. DotA 2 promises so much , waiting to buy from steam

  3. That's impressive. Reminds me of the Starcraft people.

  4. That's a lot of money!! :D