Wednesday, October 16, 2013

GTA Roadtrip?

Have you ever tried to obey the law in a game designed to let you wreck havoc and be a total criminal badass with little to no consequence?  My friend was doing just that the other day.  A few of us are planning a roadtrip across the country and we're thinking about renting an RV or a bus. The dilemma was we needed someone to drive said bus.  Here in comes the awesome funness. We're reading the DMV manual for what you have to be able to do to pass a test for your class A license...Navigate right turns.  Ok, takes out 3 lamp posts, 4 civilians and a Mercedes.  Parallel park... Ok, totals 2 cars while creating a spot big enough to park 3 buses. And he still stops at red lights ladies and gentlemen. All in all a good time, but I'm starting to think we might want someone else to drive the bus.