Wednesday, October 16, 2013

GTA Roadtrip?

Have you ever tried to obey the law in a game designed to let you wreck havoc and be a total criminal badass with little to no consequence?  My friend was doing just that the other day.  A few of us are planning a roadtrip across the country and we're thinking about renting an RV or a bus. The dilemma was we needed someone to drive said bus.  Here in comes the awesome funness. We're reading the DMV manual for what you have to be able to do to pass a test for your class A license...Navigate right turns.  Ok, takes out 3 lamp posts, 4 civilians and a Mercedes.  Parallel park... Ok, totals 2 cars while creating a spot big enough to park 3 buses. And he still stops at red lights ladies and gentlemen. All in all a good time, but I'm starting to think we might want someone else to drive the bus.

Monday, September 16, 2013

GTA 5 releases in less than 12 hours

That's right boys and girls, if you've been waiting to kill hookers and get your money back, or drive straight on into a barrier to fly out of your car, that time is right around the corner.  GTAV is also letting you have fun with its ingame version of instagram where you can take selfies or hopefully pics of the mayhem and murder you've committed all across the san fierro valley. All i know is the game has a cover system and that makes all games better.
I can remember back when rainbow 6 introduced the cover system with their las vegas games and it was a huge hit among gamers everywhere.  Their facial rendering system not so much...
Anyway, go out there, kill hookers, make money, sell smack, buy guns, cause mayhem and madness. Oh and there are jet skies.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

I love daily quests

Green windserpent dragon mount
I really figured this whole removal of a daily quest cap would be a good thing.  Blizzard lets you do 10 quest today, 35 the next day.  But thats not the way it is.  When they added rep requirements to valor gear they made it a near-requirement for people to do each and every daily possible.  In fact, they added more dailies after you do a certain number of dailies.  It's like they heard we like dailies so they put dailies in our dailies so we can do dailies while we do dailies...god that meme is so worn out, but so applicable in this situation.

The anglers and tillers are even better.  Sure getting exalted with the tillers isn't hard and they give you a great number of rewards for your crafting professions, but the individual characters reps is asinine.  You do all this work to make one your best friend so they can come sit on your farm and look derpy while giving no actual reward greater than a vendor that's 20 yards closer than he was before. Nat Pagle is my favorite of these npcs for the anglers rep.  He sits around with this great book that increases your fishing by 50 every time it's used, but it requires you to have max fishing on a character and do 3 daily quests for him each day for about a  month to become exalted with him.  That's about 4 hours of fishing a day for 3 completely random drops from what I've heard.  I guess blizzard wants us feeding the entire horde/alliance army with fish for the next year and a half until they come out with a new expansion. 

You might be curious as to why i used this picture to illustrate my point.  I'm pretty sure it was because these are the only mounts you can legitimately farm in this expansion, with a mechanic similar to that of the netherwing faction with eggs that spawn at random and allow you to turn them in for rep, you can get this mount in a matter of days instead of weeks-months by doing dailies. It also gives you a free mount when you hit exalted with follow up mounts costing a few thousand gold, still significantly cheaper than that of the mount for the august celestials that comes in at 10k gold, and the armored scorpion mount from the klaxxi that is about 7500 gold.  I'm sorry, if i spent this much time and energy logging into your game on a daily basis for a month, i think i deserve a slight break and shouldn't have to throw more gold at this faction who, by their praise I just single handedly saved from their evil oppressors.