Thursday, August 18, 2011

Again with the BF3 News...Lack of server selection

Would it have really been that hard to do what every other half way decent company is completely capable of doing and giving us an ingame server selection system?  I mean hell, DICE has done it before, we KNOW they're capable of it even if it does utilize terrible systems like punkbuster. 

Lets force players to waste countless minutes for the rest of their time playing battlefield. Really with this one, I can't imagine a legitimate reason why you would veer away from the norm.  I'm pretty sure no one enjoys splash screens, especially when you have to watch them 30 times in the span of a few hours because a new friend logs on and the server is full, or you don't like this map, or you're getting dominated by the stacked opposing team, or...any number of legitimate or unintelligible reasons for wanting to switch servers. 

I'm gonna go ahead and say its  so we have to be spammed with adds on origin by re-opening their homepage every time we want to switch servers, i mean if you're going to do that why not just do some in game advertising on billboards and buildings.  I'd much rather take my anger out on an ingame object like a billboard with a  rocket launcher than my monitor with my fist. And alas therein lies the reason, because advertisers don't want people shooting at their advertisements where everyone can see, just like how racing games used to not allow damage on cars with actual make and model names because some manufacturer was too much of a pansy to let us enjoy their vehicle to its fullest extent.  That's why innovators like Rockstar with their clone cars that we could absolutely destroy are my heroes. Keep doing what you're doing guys, oh and that definitely got off track, from FPS to RPG and racing games...I'm losing it.

Come on DICE, give us an in game menu, even if you do have to advertise for SWTOR or the next need for speed on one of the sidebars of it. 


  1. Man that's true , the companies are really fucking the pc games so much times, I don't understand why they just can't made a soft and usable online system without problems, We are in 2011.

  2. Yeah man, I figured that's what they were going to do with the Origin overlay but it seems like they're just copying Steam 95%.