Sunday, December 11, 2011

New gaming news website

I'm not updating this blog anymore (really?  like you couldn't tell) because I've started a new collaboration over at It's mostly news, trying to get some editorials going on some of the more popular games/game companies. If i do come back here it'll probably be an MMO rant/rave blog since TOR comes out in a few days or I'll go ahead and start complaining about WoW some more(<3 those guys). Oh if you haven't been paying attention, Blizzard released the Looking for raid system a week or two ago.  I ran a few, it's fun to be *That Guy* that ninjas all the loot and takes advantage of blizzard's follies in development of the system...I mean, there was some random huntard ninjaing everything...that guy was a jerk. He's probably part of a Broteam...ala wowcrendor.  If you don't know who they are...go to youtube and type in their name.  Actually here...CLICKY CLICKY