Saturday, April 28, 2012

MoP Kite flight path

Earlier this week i talked about how i wanted this sweet flying mount to go with my spectral tiger.  I know it's not likely for blizzard to give us something as fantastically awesome as a kite capable of powering itself through he air that we can control, but hey...they gave us flying carpets so why not. Here's a picture of how awesome they are.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

MoP beta so far

It's a beta...yep, that's all i can say about that.  Apparently moonfire is designed to crash the game. I will say blizzard may have outdone themselves on annoying creatures this time around though.  Murlocs are nothing compared to these new pests they've pulled out of southeast Asia.  New flight paths are absolutely awesome though.  If i don't get a kite mount I will be oh so disappointed...and that leads me to predict 25 dollar mount in the blizzard store within 6months of release. Although, how long did it take us to get hippogryphs, wyverns, and we still don't have bats.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Thanks for the wrong beta invite

So blizzard invited another 250k annual subs to the MoP beta.  I wasn't among them. I did however get an invite to the D3 beta which I'm not sure if i even want to help test as it's been in beta for a long time and is probably more a publicity thing than actual testing. I guess i could go figure out their AH system and try to create a diabolical monopoly on the market when the actual game releases.  See what i did there?  Diablo, diabolical... yeah. Oh, D3 release date is May 15th.  If you're on the annual sub for wow you get it "free" or for the price of 4-5months you're already paying for. 

Monday, April 9, 2012

The LFR system is great

Dare I say, the looking for raid system blizzard implemented is a great addition to their game.  Just the other day i was on my warrior who is in mostly pvp gear and was qued as a dps despite wanting to use him as an offtank at some point.  I was pulling the lowest amount of dps in the raid and finally, someone noticed and tried to kick me on the final boss.  They succeeded, but not before i could start the encounter with us down a dps and anger in the eyes of half the raid.  Let this be a lesson, the LFR system is great...if you want to troll and mooch off other players.  In fact, the best trolling I've seen yet in LFR was a couple of guys who had a priest and the priest would lifegrip people into the icewalls and his hunter friend would call them baddies for failing at mechanics.  If these guys got together and made a youtube video they could probably get a few hundred thousand views...just queue up some clown music with it. 

PS. It's funnier the more rage conducing it is.  It's just a game and so many people don't get that. Also this post was full of satire, but I really am trying to gear my fail alts for lvling in MoP.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Why would you still play World of Warcraft

So i resubbed to world of warcraft last week.  My friend sent me a scroll of resurrection and i figured, i want to be in the Mists of Pandaria Beta and I'm going to buy diablo 3 why not get a cool, well semi-cool, mount and a free lvl 80.

A week later, still not in beta and that mount is dumb. But alas, it's better than the wind rider that half my alts have.  I'm thinking I need to start farming mats for mechano hogs as no one on the hordeside of my server is selling them. 

I'm pretty excited for the new JC mounts in mists, we'll see how hard they are to craft hopefully "soon".  If I get into beta i'll start throwing up a lot of updates here with items and then complaining about how terrible certain abilities or zones are.