Wednesday, August 17, 2011

More BF3 Awesomeness

DICE announced at Gamescom germany that they'll feature something never before seen in the battlefield series, Co-op.  Now, don't get me wrong but I was always under the assumption that co-op dictated that(in the vidya game world at least) you're going through the campaign with your best buddy on the hardest difficulty while you're on his guest account only to make it harder on yourselves because you're going to have to do it again on your account, breaking controllers due to nerd rage, hating that one mission where you have to plant a device in a cabin and make it out through a field of random unlimited bad guys(i know that's a single player mission and not in the battlefield series, but i hated it that much), all the while trying to beat the game.

This is glorified spec-ops.  "Co-op" missions with point values and a leader board that you can do with your friends. I'm going to hope it can be 4 player co-op as a redeeming factor, and I'm happy that they at least put a mode where you can fight wave after wave of bad guys with your best bud, but I am disappointed with that implementation. 

Back to the good old "it would ruin immersion of single player" excuse i guess. Nothing gets me more immersed in a game than yelling expletives at my friend when i reach the objective first and kill all the bad guys and look at him raise my eyebrows and ask "you mad?"

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  1. I liked Battlefield 2 Bad Company. I'll probably find myself checking out 3 at some time or another. I have mixed feelings on co-op, sometimes it's good, me and my brother went through GoW 1 and (half of) GoW2 together, which made a pretty decent game pretty awesome. But sometimes it just isn't really required. On a game like BF3 though it sounds like it belongs there.