Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I like totems, totems are cool

I began leveling a dwarf shaman on Tichondrious a few days ago to play around with.  With no gold, no bags, no BoA gear, and no totems i set off into the great unknown.  It's refreshing to start anew on a server overrun with people.  The old rules of my run down low pop server didn't apply anymore.  Xp from both dungeons and questing is great, and the xp from gathering isn't a total let down.  At least we're not doing our gathering profs with no reward but the satisfaction of feeding your gathering profession or putting it on the AH to sell for pennies.

Rule number 1: everything sells.

I sold linen cloth at 4gold a stack, green boes from random mobs for 5-10gold apiece.  Multiple quests give you 8 slot bags now so you don't have to worry about the dread of running around with just your back pack any longer.  I'm sitting on about 50g with my normal mount and 2-shotting mobs is pretty fun for a shaman.  oh and my UI is prostar, don't deny it.


  1. I hope more gold will come your way bro.

  2. Ah WoW. I remember I used to make my gold creating netherweave bags, even after cataclysm introduced a dirt-cheap 16 slot bag for every race.

    Good times.

  3. I always farmed copper for g's. Ore usually fetches about 4-6g a stack, and is easy peasy to get.

  4. I suppose you are talking about some game?