Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Get outside

So I didn't really have a post/update for today but i was writing for my other blog and I thought it was such a great Idea to share it with my more sedentary friends(no offense, okay maybe a little offense) that i'd cross post it here as well. But so this does have at least some relevancy, Shaman are getting their passive healing bonus increased from 10% to 25% which will give them a 15% increase to healing across the board.  I know quite a few shaman who will be able to stop cutting themselves after raids because their HPS is will be slightly less terrible now. 

Also, druids and shaman will hopefully be getting a new CD blizzard has finally realized yet again, the error of their ways and figured out natures swiftness is a terrible cooldown, especially for a talent. So without further adoo, get your ass outside:

"I went for a run this morning.  6 Miles. It was brutal, mostly because I'm not a runner, I'll hike in the state park a few times a month and do 6-8 miles because it's so damn pretty up there, but running around the neighborhood is more of a pain than a joy.  Despite the hindrance it was to roll out of bed an hour and a half earlier, I went out and did it and i feel great now.  Do yourself a favor and go out and get your blood flowing.  play basketball or tennis with a friend, go for a bike ride, anything to get yourself up and away from the computer.  I know I spend too much time on it.  Which reminds me, raid in an hour and i need flasks.

Oh and so you know I'm not some super athlete, I'm 5'9" 195lbs of pure sex(fat), so no excuses, skinny or fat, go get some exercise.  Start with a walk if you can't jog/run yet.  It's one of those things you'll never regret even if you hate it at the time."


  1. I never know what to expect when I log in anymore, warlocks get nerfed then op.

  2. Gym at 5:30 every morning. Feels good, man.

  3. "from 10% to 25% which will give them a 15% increase to healing across the board"

    How does this not make them over powered? How under powered were they before? I think Blizzard is too busy counting money to fix their game.

  4. dude, 6 miles..there ya go..i love taking a jog, getting outside in the fresh air..playing some disc golf..good shit man

  5. well with the last patch i thought they are going to destroy the feral but that wasnt the case, i make more dmg then before. the shaman buff looks nice, need to start lvling 80 to 85

  6. Holy cow, 6 miles. Good run mate!