Saturday, April 7, 2012

Why would you still play World of Warcraft

So i resubbed to world of warcraft last week.  My friend sent me a scroll of resurrection and i figured, i want to be in the Mists of Pandaria Beta and I'm going to buy diablo 3 why not get a cool, well semi-cool, mount and a free lvl 80.

A week later, still not in beta and that mount is dumb. But alas, it's better than the wind rider that half my alts have.  I'm thinking I need to start farming mats for mechano hogs as no one on the hordeside of my server is selling them. 

I'm pretty excited for the new JC mounts in mists, we'll see how hard they are to craft hopefully "soon".  If I get into beta i'll start throwing up a lot of updates here with items and then complaining about how terrible certain abilities or zones are. 


  1. Ive never played wow, but ive heard that u get nice itms now
    Nice blog man!

  2. I watched some gameplay videos... everything looks so different now. Pandas? So strange.

  3. Waiting for updates info! ;)