Monday, April 9, 2012

The LFR system is great

Dare I say, the looking for raid system blizzard implemented is a great addition to their game.  Just the other day i was on my warrior who is in mostly pvp gear and was qued as a dps despite wanting to use him as an offtank at some point.  I was pulling the lowest amount of dps in the raid and finally, someone noticed and tried to kick me on the final boss.  They succeeded, but not before i could start the encounter with us down a dps and anger in the eyes of half the raid.  Let this be a lesson, the LFR system is great...if you want to troll and mooch off other players.  In fact, the best trolling I've seen yet in LFR was a couple of guys who had a priest and the priest would lifegrip people into the icewalls and his hunter friend would call them baddies for failing at mechanics.  If these guys got together and made a youtube video they could probably get a few hundred thousand views...just queue up some clown music with it. 

PS. It's funnier the more rage conducing it is.  It's just a game and so many people don't get that. Also this post was full of satire, but I really am trying to gear my fail alts for lvling in MoP.


  1. Nice, sounds like Blizz is doing something right for a change (kidding, kind of).

    1. thats the point i was trying to make ;)