Saturday, April 14, 2012

Thanks for the wrong beta invite

So blizzard invited another 250k annual subs to the MoP beta.  I wasn't among them. I did however get an invite to the D3 beta which I'm not sure if i even want to help test as it's been in beta for a long time and is probably more a publicity thing than actual testing. I guess i could go figure out their AH system and try to create a diabolical monopoly on the market when the actual game releases.  See what i did there?  Diablo, diabolical... yeah. Oh, D3 release date is May 15th.  If you're on the annual sub for wow you get it "free" or for the price of 4-5months you're already paying for. 


  1. should be such a great game

  2. This game is going to eat my life very soon! cant wait!

  3. Spent so much time on Diablo 2 I'm worried D3 might consume my life if I try it.