Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Battlefield 3 Early Access Beta Fail

Well, here we are.  Tuesday the 27th of September. EA announces that those who bought the Limited Edition of Medal of Honor or Pre-ordered Battlefield3 would be invited 48 hours earlier than the general public to the open beta.  An announcement was made stating the time when the beta would go live: 5AM pst, 8AM est, ect.  Well here I sit, almost 2 hours post-launch with no email along with approximately 90% of the PC users that pre-ordered BF3 on origin.

I am happy to say, if you picked up MoH on steam, you can log into your steam game library and get your beta code there.  I would argue EA made a big mistake choosing not to launch on steam seeing as they get beta keys up for a game they're going to make no money off before the publishers can get their heads together.

Maybe this will be enough to kill off the hellspawn that is origin, but i somehow doubt EA would let their precious new plaything die off that easily.  I'm sure the PR and Community managers have gears turning in their heads about how they can spin this, but it was a truly terrible release and I would hope it's not indicative of the open beta release or the final release but only time will tell.  For numbers, 1million pre-orders, 11million sales estimated.  If EA can't handle 1/10th the number of people(which is being generous it's probably more like 1/25th) I can't see hope for the final release. 

I won't list the infinite number of ways this could've been prevented but I will say I'm a huge fan of pre-loading, not sending out 1million emails in a 5 hour window, and putting beta keys into your account when you pre-order a game might be a good idea(ahem steam wins this round).

I won't turn this in to a rant about SWTOR either but at least they waited to put up a release date on that one instead of changing their mind 5 times.  It's always better to conservatively estimate than to overshoot your landing because the gaming community is like a linch mob.  They'll end you before you can recover. Unless you're a gaming giant of course...sigh

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