Saturday, October 8, 2011

BF3 Beta Caspian Border

Ok so i'll hand it to DICE/EA, they really did end up pulling it all together with the beta for Battlefield 3.  I managed to rank up quite a few times playing through metro and while there are still a few bugs and glitches that are present, the dev team has announced The top 10 issues they're working on for release.

Some Jet Gameplay from IGN 

First and foremost, they're not patching the beta, and are instead investing time into the actual release version of the game.
I think this is great from a future sales perspective and since they've probably capped their pre sales at this point(unless they hit TV marketing hard) making improvements to the actual release version will have all the people who didn't play beta pushing the game hard to their friends once release hits. 

They've also said the issues with squad management are going to be addressed for the final release.  This is my biggest issue personally, as the game is designed to be played as a team and objective maps will almost always be won by the team with the most effective squads not two players with a 5:1KDR.  Squad management was a fundamental part of BF2 and while taking out the commander role was probably a great idea the squads functioned very well for such an early game. 

Some other generic fixes that I'd guess were just used to fill up to #10 are at the link


  1. love it but my pc can barely hold it out xd

  2. BF3 will be such a nice game, cool video!