Thursday, September 8, 2011

Firefall Beta starts

Well, they said it would happen soon after PAX, and here it is.  The Firefall Beta has begun, unfortunately it's a close beta and if you weren't signed up and participating in their forums it's unlikely you got in.  I know I didn't get in and I'm a little bummed about that but their gameplay video will have to suffice. 

Go ahead and sign up for yourself here if you'd like a shot at future invites.

Enjoy this video from Red 5 Studios

I'm gonna start out saying for a F2P "mmo" this game is looking amazing.  It's cell shaded graphics akin to those of Borderlands are crisp and sophisticated rather than the cartoony visuals we're used to.  In this video we see the player beginning resource collection and it looks like there are going to be a lot of very interesting game modes at release.  There's a sweet energy weapon and the medic class looks to be using a healing "ray" similar to that of the medic class in TF2. The armor in this game looks like it will have a lot of variety as well which should be a breath of fresh air for those used to seeing the same armor rehashed over and over again, although this game is brand new so it's to be expected. 

The world has a great ambiance to it from the flyby in the middle of the video showing multiple different areas and terrains.  It looks like there might be a cantina esque area to "hang out" with your buddies in between battles as well. 

The team is attacked by a "Titan" creature that looks like a giant spider thing that shoots purple balls of energy awesomeness and the team uses some land based cannons to begin attacking what i'm assuming is the boss.  

All in all, I can't wait for what looks to be a fun and enjoyable break from your typical gaming experience. 

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