Saturday, June 14, 2014

Timeless Isle, Warlords of Draenor, and Free level 90 Characters...oh my

I just came back to the World of Warcraft for the umpteenth time. I was drawn in by the allure of a free character boost to level 90 with the pre-purchase of an expansion(warlords of draenor) that i would inevitably purchase, and the chance to play the monk class at max level. 

The good things, there's a new island called the timeless isle that lets you run around looting chests for ilvl 496 epics that will let you que for virtually all the LFR raids. Blizzard also increased the cap for conquest points so people like me that just came back or people that have never really pvpd could catch up and get in equivalent gear sets to people that have been playing for the entire season.  This is a great idea for players that might miss a week or want to get into a different part of the game that may have seemed like it was unattainable previously.

The bad things: people with boosted "Free" level 90s that actually cost 50-60 bucks running around in green gear in LFR. These folks usually have no idea what they're doing and i'll admit i was one of them on my poorly geared monk.  It's hilarious when you roll into LFR and the tank has less HP than the cloth dps, or a bit disappointing ...I'm not sure which

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