Saturday, May 12, 2012

Diablo III T-3 days

Diablo 3 is coming out in 3 days.  I'm still not sure what class I'm rolling, probably a wizard.  pewpewing laser beams non stop was pretty awesome during beta. I think the big thing on everyone's mind, however, is the RMAH (Real Money Auction House).  Blizzard put a limit of 250 dollars on any item sold, so those super rare weapons are going to have to take a different route when it comes time to sell them.  Either selling by gold and converting that gold to real money via blizzard at whatever rate they're using, or selling it via the black market that is bound to appear similar to D2's.

There are no "BIS" weapons though.  Depending on your build, and your other gear will determine what the best stats are for your specific character.  I think all the people with dreams of making a living off RMAH are in a pipe dream and will be sadly disappointed when they're making 5 bucks a week off the terribad items they get from farming for 10 hours.  Plus once the market is saturated and customer base dies off you're going to take a hit in profits.  The first few people who rush to max level and start farming the hardest content will undoubtedly be making some decent cash from the folks who would rather invest money than time into getting the best gear.  People hate on gold buying because it was "illegal" and called it the easy way out, but now that blizzard is "legalizing" it I wonder if people will realize that those people that can afford high end items have a higher value on their time.  If i make 60 bucks an hour and can buy an item for 600 bucks or farm it for 30-40 hours, it's much more time and cost effective for me to buy it and spend 10 hours at work instead of 30 hours ingame.  Of course, I'm ignoring the whole "lol play the game because it's fun" argument, but i find that a moot point because some people only enjoy endgame...see: Raiding and Arenas in world of warcraft.

Damn finals will probably keep me from playing at launch too...guess i won't be getting rich quick ;)


  1. Saw the yogscast unboxing last night... so much want.

  2. Can't. Effin'. Wait.

    Of course, I have to wait until I can afford it. haha