Thursday, March 3, 2011

No Firelands in 4.1

So my guild decided to take a break this week after clearing 12/12 normal modes and half of our core not being in the mood to wipe endlessly on heroic modes for a few months.  We figured we'd go super casual until patch 4.1 and the firelands came out and we were doused in new and exciting raid content.  But alas. no firelands in patch 4.1 which is currently on the PTR.  I guess ZA and ZG rehashes were a better allocation of time by blizzards development staff.  I remember a blue post a week or two ago about how development takes a lot of time and they would like to bring back old content as well as implement new content. 

Well there have been rumors of how scaled back blizzards dev team has become since vanilla especially with their acquisition by activision and the push to cut costs.  It makes me wonder, if you want to push out old content, why not hire people to do that, it's not like the WoW IP isn't the greatest thing lining the pockets of activision/blizzard execs and they can't afford a few extra employees to re-code the content for the most current tier of wow.


  1. now we will be stuck in shithole ghostland and cockfuck STV again

  2. Activision is the cancer of the gaming industry I'm afraid...