Tuesday, January 25, 2011

MC: Molten Core and Maelstrom Crystals

We Three Paladins...Remember how i said i ran Molten core a lot?  yeah well this is what my paladin looks like, along with the use of a couple secret potions of win. Anyway, this post is more about the latter MC than the former.  If you have any Maelstrom crystals that you're pushing out for less than 3k apiece you may want to hold onto them.  Now that the maelstrom farm is gone and we don't have a reliable source anywhere near as cheap as alch trinkets to DE we're looking at blacksmithing shields possibly which are 3 truegold and 3 hardened elementium apiece plus whatever orbs you'd have to have the blacksmith attain in heroics.  I would keep an eye on your markets, Crystals on ally side my server are already over 4k per and they're getting there hordeside.  Good Luck, and godspeed...i know that's not MC but my T2 is so much more badass.

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  1. pretty cool dude, looking forward to some more posts by you